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Design Student Resource

1 May

This is a pretty cool website I wish I knew about my first year in the program.

Check it out.


Inspiring Message, Fantastic Type Animation

5 Jan

Found this great message from Ira Glass about putting the time in to meet our potential as creatives. Very inspiring, and great type animation. 


27 Dec

Designers.MX is an awesome website for music playlists made by designers. It’s always fun and inspiring to hear what other people listen to while they work. There are also some beautiful album covers to look at.

Awesome Video about Branding

14 Dec

Found this great animated video about how to strengthen a brand with the basic elements of design. Enjoy.

Chris Ballasiotes

1 Oct

I love the work of Chris Ballasiotes who mixes a lot of watercolor, design and photography. Check out his website here.




Pencil Shaving Portraits by Kyle Bean

16 Jul

These blew my mind.
It makes me wonder what a custom typeface
made out of pencil shavings would look like?

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Dribble Infographics

25 Jun

Dribble is a pretty great resource for inspiration. Designers and artists post small screenshots of the projects they’re working on. As they say, it’s a “show and tell for creatives.” I did a quick search for “infographic” and was impressed with the results. Here’s a few from the bunch.

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Joanne Ong

Rob Sutton

Jesse Thomas

Brandon Harrison