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A Student’s Smart Microsoft Rebranding Is Better Than The Real Thing

10 Jul

When Microsoft unveiled their new branding, I was mildly impressed. It was simple, but too much like what they’d already done; not enough impact for my taste. This student’s spectacular 3-day rebranding project proves that you can take an already successful brand, keep simplicity, and still make an impact. If anything, this is full of great examples of how to mock up a rebrand.

These allow the icon to work under different umbrellas, while maintaining the overall identity.


Beautifully Designed Poster Instructions

21 Mar

This comes from The Daily Heller, Print Magazine’s blog page. It’s a great little visual guide from 1989 with do and don’t tips, and is incredibly designed.



Sweet Nike Animation, Great 3D Design

25 Feb

This animated ad explains Nike’s newest running shoe technology. From a design perspective, it’s beautifully done.

Inspiring Message, Fantastic Type Animation

5 Jan

Found this great message from Ira Glass about putting the time in to meet our potential as creatives. Very inspiring, and great type animation. 

Awesome Video about Branding

14 Dec

Found this great animated video about how to strengthen a brand with the basic elements of design. Enjoy.

Michael Jordan Chronology

30 Aug, Air Jordan's official website, has a sweet interactive Flash chronology

I’ve been an MJ fan since I was a kid. I saw this a while back, (when I didn’t necessarily have the “eye for design” I have now) and revisited it today. I was immediately captured by the visual richness, and even more excited by the interactive element. Regardless of where your sports¬†preferences lie, if any, hopefully you enjoy this. If the link doesn’t work, just paste it into your address bar.