5 Aug

Hey all,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful stress-free summer so far, because it’s quickly coming to an end! Let’s end it right by exchanging zines and enjoying our last few free days before projects start up.

The zine exchange is going to take place on the first Tuesday of school, August 23, at 7:3o pm in the Owen Reading Room (Art Building, 3rd floor).

We need to get a total count of who is planning on exchanging zines so we can let everyone know how many to print and bring! If you haven’t started on your zine, don’t worry. This is supposed to be fun! Make it easy and enjoyable for yourself. There’s still two weeks left before school starts, so get going if you haven’t!  If you’ve already finished your zine, pat yourself on the back!

If you are planning on exchanging zines please let us know ASAP! You can either comment on this post and say you want to be in the exchange, email, or post on our Facebook event. Let us know by August 15th! We will let you know how many zines to print and bring to the exchange by August 16.

Can’t wait to see what everyone has been working on this summer!


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