Summer Zine Project

3 May

Well it looks like this is the first post on the AIGA UofU group blog since last December. Dang! Hopefully we’ll get a bunch more stuff posted on here more often and it’ll be great. Just great!

To kick it off, we’ll start by explaining the summer project we have going on. This is a really cool project because the limitations are virtually non existent! A zine is, at least how I explain it in my ‘generation z’ terminology, a paper blog. Of course, zines were around long before blogs. A zine is basically a small magazine that one designs, writes, and puts together that can hold any amount, big or small, of information that is entirely up to the author’s choosing. You can make your zine about seriously anything you want. And more importantly, you can design it however you want. You can make one or 100, and each zine can look generally the same, or they can all look different. Do you realize what this means?! If not, I’ve made a list of reasons why doing the zine project will be great for you (and other people).

  • Complete creative freedom. No one is telling you what to do, how to do it, your content, your pictures, your design, nothin’! It’s all you.
  • A fantastic way to keep your graphic design gears turning over the summer. Most of us have summer jobs or go to our respective homes and realize, “Oh crap, I don’t have homework? What to do?!” It will keep you on your toes and make going back to school in the fall that much easier.
  • A potential portfolio addition! If you put your heart and soul into designing your zine, you could make some really awesome stuff, and really awesome stuff usually makes it’s way into your portfolio, which could always use an extra somethin’.
  • Teachers will love it!
  • Your classmates will love it!
  • Your friends will love it!

So. With all that said, go and make your flippin’ zine! Be creative, be out of the box, and have fun. The student group board will be meeting periodically throughout the summer, about once a month, and we’ll be looking at each other’s zines, giving and getting ideas, and talking about other graphic design stuff in general. It should be a lot of fun.

We’ve put together an example zine of some guidelines, suggestions, and various other examples of how a zine can work. Below are some jpgs of the zine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And this is a link to download the PDF of the Zine. 

Good luck and have fun!


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