Vector Point Jedi Mastery

3 Dec

We’re all quite familiar I’m sure with Bezier curves and handles for making vector art or when outlining type etc. However, I recently came across a few pointers that you may not be aware of but that will help you create smoother curves.

1. Place the points on the extremum.

The Extremum is the furthest edge of the curve. Or where the curve begins to change direction. This is the best place to put your anchor point and eliminates the need for excessive points. The examples show a simple shape (circle) and a shape from a professional vector illustration I downloaded, notice where the anchor points are.

2. Orthogonal handles

Crazy word, orthogonal, but that what it’s called. It basically means vectors that are straight and perpendicular to the curve. The key I’ve found is: hold shift a lot when drawing handles. Notice the two examples.

Here’s a link that illustrates these two principles with type.

I admit I’m still getting the hang out these two techniques but trust me it helps a lot. Good luck.


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