Coloribus + Ads of the World

13 Nov

I stumbled upon these websites just today. They seem to be decent archives of advertisements.

Coloribus has a good number of ads and a decent categorization. It has a search bar which helps, and tabs for tv, print, online, viral, awards, and even design and branding. What a good idea for a bookmark. Damn.

Ads of the World also has a search bar and some tabs, but also the benefit of a difficult to use and seemingly temperamental filter. Hooray!

Similarly, Ads’ sister site Brands of the World caters to what many of you may find to be more relevant.I bring this to your attention as a postscript, because I was not terribly impressed. That being said, anyone (even you {please don’t}) can upload their own logo with great ease and swiftness.


2 Responses to “Coloribus + Ads of the World”

  1. b0man November 13, 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    That’s funny you were not impressed with Brands of the World. I use it all the time. I find it a useful tool for referencing other logos, like when we had to recreate the CNN website. We also use it a lot at work in client presentations. We put together a board of companies and say “Your brand could follow a FedEx model or a P&G model.” Definitely not an inspiration site, more of a reference thing.

  2. Mike November 14, 2010 at 9:12 am #

    Could serve as an inspiration site, but there is a lot of muck you would have to go through to find it. When it comes to logos, you get the best and worst. I suppose for client presentations it would be somewhat ideal.
    My only real problem with it is the saturation of bad logos/logotypes {many of those featured are stock logos}.

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